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    Rules on Academy Character Creation


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    Rules on Academy Character Creation

    Post by Virgil on Fri May 29, 2015 9:43 pm

    Know yourself 101, these guidelines are pretty simple and easy to follow know that in the academy world you are limited to the creation world meaning there are guidelines and such that must be followed.  Here are the rules of the academy character creation, please heed and acknowledge these rules when making a character.

    You may be wondering, "Hey how come you have a character creation and a Log In Creation?" or even, "What is the difference between the two?".  Well my friends the differences are major as one is your character within the world of Tir Na Nog and the other is your character within the academy.  Let me see if I can clear it up, your Character Creation area is where you create your academy character.  Here you explain how you got your hands on Tir Na Nog, what made you come to the academy and such.  It is also here that you are Human and not any race, the differences between Character Creation and Log In is in fact the terms between reality and the game itself. Your log in may be of a different race but your character in the academy can not and is human, thus limited to certain sources.

    Now that we went over the basics that your character is human, you will remember I brought up that certain things are limited in the world of the academy vs. the world of the game.  For example, weapons.  Weapons in the game are not so limited as they are needed to kill the creatures and gain experience points as well as help you progress through the game, however in the academy world your character is limited to weapons such as swords and guns and the like, due to said laws and regulations in the real world.  The only way one may by pass this if one is on the police force, security, or any other known profession that has weapons such as these.  Keep in mind any student caught bringing a weapon on campus will be revoked from the campus and loose their Virtual Reality Rig as it is Campuses school property.

    Now that we gone over item limitations it is now time to go over Academy occupations.  As it is you are a character that takes place in the academy, because of this Two occupations are available Student or Teacher.  The differences between the two are very minimal as one teaches a class and the other learns the class.  Teachers and Students do not bare any differences within Tir Na Nog, only the academy.  If you wish to be a student grand, keep in mind any users that want Junior or Senior Year must follow the guidelines teachers do on the character application app.  

    004 Final Words
    If you have made it this far, congratulations you are all set to make your character, well your academy one anyways.  In this section you have learned that there is indeed a difference between your character creation and log in.  You learned that Items such as weapons and like are limited and prohibited in the academy vs. the game itself. And finally you learned the subtle differences of occupations.  Keep in mind further into the site Clubs and group activities will be available and open for all to use. Enjoy and happy ROLE PLAYING!


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