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    Light Ichimaru

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    About You

    "I heard a tale about you, tell me is it true?"

    Light Ichimaru
    "When one life fails turn to the other. . ."


    Grade: Senior

    Age: 20

    Birthday: November 14

    Sexuality: Straight

    Your Personality

    "Under that skin who are you really. . ."


    • Lazy: Light is generally a lazy student, he doesn't care much for extra curricular activity.  In fact the only thing he really finds interest in is sitting in his dorm hooked into his game rig.  He is a senior so unlike most students he really doesn't have to worry much other than go to class, which he is poor at doing that as well.  When does attend class he tends to fall asleep in the midst of a lecture, which really can be a bothersome thing for the Teachers as they now have to deal with Light.  Generally after the three years had past while he was attending the academy they gave up trying to wake him. Surprisingly no matter how lazy he truly was he would always past the test and quizzes and even the homework with flying colors, but he still fell asleep during lectures.

    • Caring: Light is a caring person but it is tough to see, he is a very blunt person and this is his form of caring.  He is very on point when telling the truth on the matter and it can get him in trouble.  For instance if a female asked if she looked fat in certain clothing and to him it seemed like it he would say yes, he would think this was being caring as this seemed to be like telling the truth is caring. 

    • Confused: Because Light spends most of his time in his Virtual Reality Rig he is not up to date on the outside world.  There will be times where if he meets a girl he will freeze up and not know what to say, this practically happens with any one actually in fact this is why he sleeps in class so he doesn't have to deal with actual people.  This is due to the fact that he appreciates game life more than his real life and would much rather be in the game than to be social.  When he is forced to be social he tends to not talk at all and drift off into space, it would take a lot to snap him out of it but by now people have learned to just deal with it.

    • Delusional: Because Light spends more time in the rig than he should he has a rather unique perspective on the world when he exits.  Items that never existed in the real world would actually exist in front of him as an illusion, generally this will happen for about five minutes and this is known by the whole academy known as "Light's Screaming Session". This is because usually what Light sees are the monsters he sees in the game and will attempt to attack them.  Generally when the five minutes are up he will notice he attacked a house hold item, shrug it off get something to eat and jump right back into the game.  How. . .Crazy

    • Awkward: Much like the reason for confused personality Light is an awkward person to be around as he will generally be quiet and not say a damn thing.  He normally doesn't speak in public and the only times he does are in Game which is where he is well known for his "Frost Knight" title.  Be it as it may still doesn't help him get any girl friends, though this isn't to say he can't he chooses not to, and this is why he is awkward to be with at times.

    Your Appearance

    "Tell me when you look into the mirror what reflection is it that you see. . ."


    Light is a some what average height male standing at a total of five feet elleven inches.  His hair color is a light colored brown which often has his goggles he wears on top of his head.  He wears these goggles because he made them to replicate the same type of look his actual character in game has.  His eye colors is that of a dark shade of green but lightens up based on the time of day. His skin color is fairly pale with a hint of tan in the mixture.  His clothing style seems to be that of an everyday modern teenager wears, blue tee-shirt, black pants and black shoes.  Often Light looks like he is displeased with someone or often staring into the distance zoning out, because of this his "normal face" looks a tad bit like he is pissed off when really he just isn't paying attention.  Light's overall look looks like that of a bad boy, yet he does not act it.

    Your History

    "Is there any reason to why you act the way you do. . ."

    The Beginning
    Light when growing up was not a very, liked child as he often got into fights that he didn't want to be apart of in the first place.  His parent's were concerned for him so they looked all over the internet for a school that would fit his needs and wants.  His parents knew for his love of video games and heard an Academy actually housed a new video game that was in the making it wouldn't be released till a later year, however applicants were needed. Beta testers, all students that applied were paid for by the Academy already, the catch was the students had to attend class like any other school as well as testing out their new virtual reality rigs when they came out.  At the time the time for when the rigs would come out would take a long time as it was still in development which meant three years.  While these three years were passing Light had to attend the Academy like any other student, but these students were gamers like him.

    Learning To Hack
    Light decided that when the rig came out he was gonna hack it so that his character would have all the same features he did.  In the process of discovering he was going to do this he would take courses on how to code video games.  While this was going on Light was a Junior and was in the midst of his finals the same week. Because of this Light crammed as much as he could into his brain about how to break into the coding system to change appearances.  It was a total of three days and nights he got the information he wanted and now had to study for the finals in one night. Luckily, Light passed the finals and was made a senior in the academy.  It was at the time of his senior year he was given the Virtual Reality rig to test out.  Upon entering the modifications he wanted he was able to hack the appearance of his character to match his appearance.  He successfully learned how to hack but that is all he wanted to do was change the appearance.

    In The Game
    After obtaining the rig and hacking his appearance into it he decided to log in.  Creating the user name Virgil, because his favorite character in video games was Virgil of the Devil May Cry Series.  Luckily for him the username was not taken and as such he was now Virgil.  While he explored the worlds as vast as he could see he would take in all the sights.  It was at this time he would begin to be addicted and take on all the quests he could play the game to the fullest extent.  His name and avatar were well known on the game and as such he was the first of the beta testers, he knew much about the game more than anyone else.   But that still didn't mean he knew everything of the real world. When he disconnected from the game he would see he was in it far too long to socialize with anyone and even better he would have a screaming fit when he saw creatures that were in the game in front of him in real life.  Eventually Light became so into the world he would fall asleep in class dreaming of the world. He eventually made goggles equal to the look of his actual character in the Game and would often only respond to Virgil and not Light.  This brought the game its first Beta Tester, Light Ichimaru-Virgil.

    Your RP Sample

    "Tell me a story, prove your worth. . ."

    PLEASE Razz


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